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Acquainting Metro Atlanta Youth with STEM (AMAYS)

AMAYS is a program that will help groups of middle school students in urban Atlanta learn what it is like to actually be STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) professionals in an active, authentic, hands on kind of way.

The Team

The long-term goal of AMAYS is to help broaden the number and diversity of youth who are prepared for and willing to enter the STEM/ICT workforce.
Teams of AMAYS students at multiple ASAS school sites will work with their teachers, AMAYS staff and corporate mentors from the technology sector in Atlanta on information and communications technology (ICT) curricular tasks both in person and within a custom-built online environment.

Curricular tasks will allow students to experience the world of a STEM/ICT professional. Students will explore subjects like Web and app development, digital communications and information systems, while developing 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity/innovation and collaboration.

AMAYS student groups will also be prepared to compete in ICT competitions, such as the TAG-Ed Middle School WEBChallenge.

“The AMAYS project is designed to engage urban middle school aged students here in Atlanta in an authentic, technology-rich learning environment outside of the formal classroom,” says Calandra.

Over the course of the project, Calandra, Renken and Cohen will examine whether AMAYS students have developed targeted knowledge and skills, and also whether their perceptions of STEM/ICT and related careers have changed.

Generally speaking...

  • Selected ASAS students will work in teams of two to five called AMAYS start ups.
  • Each start up will work with their teacher, AMAYS staff and with corporate mentors provided by TAG Ed on STEM-themed ICT curriculum challenges.
  • Mastering each set of challenges will lead them through instructional objectives that will be based on national standards and competencies surrounding ICT and 21st century skill sets.
  • Completing a designated series of these challenges within a particular time frame will prepare the start ups to compete in local ICT competitions including the one on this slide.

  • Participants will work during ASAS time in class an in school computer labs, but also online in a Web-based collaborative work environment that will be hosted at GSU – this means they will have access to the AMAYS ILE anytime they can get access to a device with internet access.
  • The online ILE will be a collaborative workspace that will resemble a social media site, but will be hosted on our servers here at GSU COE.
From 2016 through 2018, but we're presently meeting and discussing the project and building its components now.